Carpe Diem

Whenever, I get the chance, I love to ask other sailors about their boat name. Our name, Carpe Diem, may seem self evident. However, it really goes much deeper than just “good advice”. A few years back, Scott was told he had less than 6 months to live. Colon cancer had gone undetected for too many years. After 6 months of intense chemo... he finally made it. Then a few years later, complications from a double-by-pass almost killed him again. Today he doesn't let his BP and severe diabetes slow him down. Two years ago he lost most of his vision in one eye and partially in the other...and the list goes on and on and on.

Having a boat to work on (along with a regiment of insulin and dozens of medications) keeps him sailing and out of the ER. This boat probably saved his life! I often think “SURVIVOR” would be a good name for our boat. But that would be a constant reminder of the past struggles. So, for now we try to live one day at a time, and carpe diem, “seize the day”.

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August 25, 2012

Raining in Florida!

Hi Everyone. My Goodness is it raining now,  as the summer tropical weather is upon us. Everyone is watching "Issac" hoping he won't rain out the RNC in Tampa.  

     It's been months since I posted and feels good to be back. We have been traveling so much this year, but unfortunately,  by air, and not by sea.  However, we are planning to head south and go sailing, as soon as the hurricane season ends.

 As we wait, we have been doing a few more projects to the boat.   Remember that leaky dingy?   Well, West Marine stood by their warranty and gave us a credit toward a new one. Gotta love that company!

And this time we got Hypalon   Yeah!!  No more leaks!
It just doesn't pay to try to save money
on a less expensive dinghy.  After 5 dinghies in 7 years, we know!
So the next project had to do with our new sail. Scott decided to engineer a 1-minute reef system on the main sail. I always wonder where he learns all this stuff...but after he ran all these multi-colored lines to everywhere and thru sets of new blocks, and ending up in the cockpit...then...whola!  He released the main sail and it fell so swiftly, into a double reef in less than a minute!  This was a beautiful thing.

Now we can't wait to get out and try all these new changes to our old way of sailing! This sure will beat crawling up on the deck and trying to tie bungees around the main!(And always in foul weather) The older we get the nicer it is to have all lines running to the so much safer. 

And it always warms the cockles of my heart to see Scott organizing his stuff. That was just an added bonus.
     Scott always wanted to be able to single-handed sail if need be.  We are getting closer to that all the time. Our next big addition will be davits.
Then we want a self-launching bow roller for the anchor. It never ends does it.  It just takes time to get a boat the way you want it.  And we understand that we certainly can't wait for that day to come before we can leave the dock.  We can always add stuff as we go.  (Surely,  they sell davits in the Bahamas)  Sometimes you just have to go with what ya got!

     Well I can't close today without adding this cool shot of my captain "bug eyes"! Scott's eye doc wants him to protect his eyes from the sun.
So do you think these huge shades will do it?